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Voting for Keevil in the Dozens

(I would say that these posts wont be a series of West Wing clips, but I don’t want to lie to you.)

Of course, it’s egotistical to think that they are actually voting for me, they don’t even know me.

Unless of course they do know me, but then if that was the case would they still vote for me…

There was a by-election in River Ward, how very exciting. A battle between Labour to retain the seat and Conservatives to win it. Also standing other than the Green Party was the Liberal Democrats, English Democrats and the British National Party.

And that’s when something weird happened.

People started writing about me, people I’d never met on blogs of their own made assumptions about me and my chances, none of them brave enough to suggest that I would romp home with a big win.

A Labour activist, now Councillor,  however chose for reasons I still don’t understand to write what sensitively could be seen as an attack. Bearing in mind that the election also saw the BNP standing. Now admittedly the attack showed all the insight of a 5 minute search it was still curious.

Here is what he said about me;

The Green candidate, or better known by his twitter profile @onmejack is according to his profile a former ‘Making Life Taste Better’ Champion and failed Sitcom writer. He is now an ‘FD Media Course Leader, Functional Skills lecturer’ and enjoys bridge. He clearly needs to be instructed on basic political etiquette as one of his recent posts included ‘Important to remember; Gingers are people to‘ and clearly has enough campaign time to enjoy a number of DVDs including True Blood – Series 1. This blogger would suggest that perhaps he should continue to immerse himself in other DVDs…

Okay so to review, its not like he said anything about my Mother. And I did indeed say those things in my profile. Though I don’t play bridge. I am a Bridge! Yes I did indeed write the tweet about Gingers (hangs head in shame) and yes I do indeed watch a lot of DVDs. (Hides in the shadows such is the greatness of the shame)

Now here is what was said about the BNP candidate;

The BNP candidate is a martial arts enthusiast and formerly PPC for Gillingham and Rainham. According to his election interview, he has been a BNP member for 10 years and is the “voice of sanity.” According to his interview, his first concern was with “putting the British people first.” The 42 year old is a fan of cheese and marmite sandwiches, and in his spare time he likes to read and go on holidays.

Not a pop that he should stay in and eat sandwiches in sight. The outrage. Only i shouldn’t stand.

Now I mentioned to the local Green Party, that this had happened. And had been advised to ignore it.

But no. I didn’t want to ignore it. But I wasn’t going to respond personally, there was nothing to be gained that way. So I posted the blog on my facebook and twitter feed and waited for the comments to happen. Which they did, what i wasn’t fully expecting was the comments that would occur on his blog too;

This is an absolutely pathetic blog post, from the Labour supporter. Steven Keevil is a better choice than any of the other candidates, it shows the kind of politics that Labour rely on, when their supports resort to picking small pieces of text to discredit decent rival candidates.

Maybe a bit harsh.

Phil Dillion generously said

Tristan, I’ve been involved in educational, creative and community activities with the Greens’ Steve Keevil and I think the bloke is a genuine inspiration. If he were standing for election in my ward I would vote for him. There’s a groundswell of support for Steve because he’s not a career politician, he’s a community player, a great teacher and an unsung catalyst for good.

In addition, the emergence of a Green presence in Medway that is prepared to challenge Medway Council over its lack of public consultation (in a way that Labour frankly hasn’t) is a welcome thing.

And a personal favourite from a student of mine who said

he’s by far one of the most insightful and philosophical people I’ve ever met, who merely enjoys mocking life rather than moaning about it.

And I honestly didn’t get them to say that… I liked that so much I actually use ‘Prefers to mock life rather than moan about it’ in my profiles now.

In the the grand scheme of things this actually changed very little except the post was edited to add that the blogger liked True Blood. Which I think essentially was the core of the issue.

In a later post this was written;

The ever affable Green Party campaigner Steven Keevil, who regularly tweets about his antics has certainly worked very hard and deserves to pick up a few votes. One to keep an eye on and potentially a PPC for a Medway seat in the future. At some point, this blogger owes Mr Keevil a pint, to show that despite the banter, it does hold the Greens and himself in high regard.

I confirm that he did buy me a beer, no harm done.

But it was a curious experience never the less.

And in case you were wondering I didn’t win, or the by-election that happened straight after,  which we shall talk about another time.

And then finally we had the recent local elections, in which people had the opportunity to vote Green, or vote for me, or vote for me as a Green. And curiously they did, tripling the number that had done so previously.

That pretty much brings us up to date, except for the things that I didn’t mention that I need to go back and cover.