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Armchair Activism

I don’t come from a political background, my parents weren’t particularly politically minded, wasn’t part of a conversation that I grew up with.

My development as an armchair activist, came from reading really, exposure to things like the Mark Thomas Comedy Product

and well, yeah watching the West Wing.

As well as the works of John Pilger, George Monbiot and Naomi Klein.

I read and I questioned and I created my own political leanings. Didn’t I?

Did I watch and read this stuff because I’m a socialist liberal or am I a Socialist Liberal because I read these things?

I remember the Daily Mail has a really good TV guide, and felt bad even reading that part of the paper.

I’m fairly certain I voted in every General Election. Being eligible to vote in 1997 I assume I voted Labour and looking back I am glad to have done so. Turning my vote to the Liberal democrats as issues like Civil Liberties became a greater issue.

There was no clear epiphany moment. I didn’t study politics at school, not sure it was an option. I went to Bournemouth University, not exactly a political hotbed. I didn’t march.

Can I blame it on the movie Taking Liberties?

The answer is I can no longer remember and will continue with this blog, and in conversation to develop these ideas, maybe even change my mind.

  1. May 9, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    As armchair activist too, I’ve also been questioning where I get my sense of social justice too. I just use the term social justice in both our situations rather than the label of just being a Socialist Liberal (sic) as I think we’ve come to where we are because of our hearts/empathy before any political persuasion. Our sense of fairness.

    Being in our comfortable armchairs we might suffer a little tinge of guilt and then the ‘There but for the grace of … goes I’ syndrome which I think is all good grounding.

    As for our media sources and entertainments, this is just a representation of the type of people we are. You still question them and yourself. Good for you I say and never stop.

    Maybe I’ll see you around at the Mark Thomas gigs sometime. That will answer your questions when you come out after a good laugh but with a burning fire in your belly at the injustice also shown. Then sink into that armchair and let loose the ideas that can spark questions that cause change.

    Sorry if I’ve laid it on too thick 🙂 – got a bit carried away.

    Keep safe,

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