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That’s me that is there on the Tellybox, representing the Green Party which I had joined relatively recently. There I am eating food paid for by the licence payer and verbally sparing with the reporter that I should be supporting the Lib Dems as they have Green Policies.

He clearly hadn’t been on Vote For Polices.

I would appear for the Greens a total 4 times, being interviewed twice.

A week later I went to my first election count an interesting event, joining other members of Medway Green party for the whole count. Getting there at 10pm, and staying until we heard that Caroline Lucas had won to become the first Green Party MP in England. An historical event, in no small part possible because I… tweeted her support.

We left the count and celebrated at a Party Member’s house. I then left there, not having slept in 24 hours and a little drunk, to go on the BBC again.

The brief was simple, pretend that you would naturally be in the house, read the newspaper, eat the bacon roll, drink the orange juice and one the camera is on you speak about the success of Caroline Lucas. Simples. Did I mention the lack of sleep?

They would then go from me to interview the newly elected Conservative MP for Chatham and Aylesford. Then end of show.


We go live. Other people get interviewed. I get interviewed. It goes well. Mother would be proud.

They interview the MP. I eat my bacon roll.

They have 30 seconds left.

The MP states that as Labour had lost the election, Gordon Brown should resign, as the Conservatives had a mandate to govern.

They have 30 seconds left.

They come to me, live on air, eating a bacon roll, and ask me to respond.

I swallow the bacon roll, and state that since Conservatives didn’t get a majority, then they dont have a mandate to govern.

And they cut back to the student. Relived the audience were exposed to my sharp political insights and not my half chewed bacon roll.

With the election over I can now return to my responsibilities as the Josh Lyman of local politics.

Except as a consequence of the General Election, is a Local By-Election. In River Ward. Where I Live.

Where I would now be standing as a Green Party candidate.


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