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The Only Wasted Vote Is An Unused One

May 5th 2011 I will be standing in local Elections for the Green Party for the third time…

How did this happen?

After discovering that I was… a Green. I emailed them and asked them essentially the age old question

‘In an area where the battle is between Labour and Conservative, isn’t a vote for the Green Party wasted?’

My email was passed from the Kent Green Party, to the my Local Medway Green Party where I was contacted by PCC Dave Arthur. Whilst I don’t remember exactly what Dave said, he spoke openly and honestly about the fact that at some point you have to Vote for what you believe in, not out of fear or against what you don’t.

For the first time in my life I joined a Political Party and then I even went to a meeting, where I told myself I would sit quietly and listen. Which I achieved for a good ten minutes.

This was a good fortnight before the General Election and suddenly imagined myself in some Local Politics version of the West Wing where I would get to be a blend of Josh Lyman and Toby Ziegler. I was more interested in being in the background.

Two things stood against that, my foot and my mouth.

‘You have to stop talking about the Environment’

I said it, it was out there. What had interested me about joining the Greens, was what politically interested me. I agreed with them on Social Justice and Education. Well technically I agree with them across the board, but specifically on Social Justice and Education. Its easy to believe, falsely, that the Green Party are a single issue party. And I felt, rightly or wrongly can be discussed in other posts, that the issue of the Environment was one that the Greens could only lose on.

Now my friends in the party have explained that the Environment is the single biggest issue of our time, and I genuinely tried to focus long enough to listen to their opinions. And they are right. People do care about the Environment, but they care about other issues more. They vote on other issues more.

This incidentally was a point I raised when I met a lady once, everything had been going well, until she explained that I was what was wrong with the Green party, as I was taking them away from their central purpose. And what could have been a beautiful relationship died, no matter how I backtracked.

Though it should be clear the members of the Medway Green Party are in no way single issue, involved as they are in many campaigns through the Medway Towns.


If you are a candidate for the Green Party people expect you to know Environmental issues, and on that topic the best you can hope is to meet expectations, otherwise you might embarrass yourself, by not having knowledge you never claimed to have. That was, is, my feelings, concerns on the topic. It is something that we will come back to…

Where was I?

Oh that’s right as a reward for my outspoken but generally good humoured nature I was less then two weeks after joining the party about to go on BBC South East and represent them…

Be sure to Vote.

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