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Vote For Policies

Before the 2010 General Election I went to the website Vote For Policies curious, but fully expecting to be supported in my political choices. (Should you go, have gone on the site, leave me a comment, let me know how your results came out)

How the website works is that as the title suggests you get to vote for the policies of the six main parties running, based on their manifesto, but without knowing what party it was, and not voting on personality, despite how much at the time ‘we agreed with Nick’

Upto this point I had voted Liberal Democrat, and I fully expected the website to confirm this was the right decision. I was shocked when I came out 0% Liberal Democrat. The website told me I was;

I was so shocked I took the test again, changing a couple of the answers I had been unsure about and answering a couple of questions I had missed before.

The result was an even stronger Green Party result…

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